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I get companies and employees talking openly about mental health because the lines between work and home haven’t just been blurred, they’ve been obliterated.  Yet, we still come to work with our brave face on trying to “white knuckle” our way through it all.  


By creating more openness, we can increase engagement, truly support our teams, and change the way we approach mental health. 



Work with Me

Build a stronger, better company or organization by investing in a strong mental health program to support your team. 

From assessing the state of your organization's mental health to creating concrete, actionable plans, I create a custom-tailored plan that will respond to your organization's needs. 

Plans may include identifying resources, custom workshops, talks, building affinity groups, and more. We work together to create long-term and short-term solutions that engage, support, and transform. 

Want a better understanding of your current mental health support?

Learn how you stack up in comparison to best-in-class mental health support for your employees. I developed a quiz to help you assess the support you have in place and identify potential areas for growth. 

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