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My family’s very personal journey with depression can be found on CBS This Morning.

Stop the Stigma Live Town Hall

with Karamo Brown. 

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I was so thrilled to have Tracy on the Dear Family, Podcast because it’s imperative to remember mental health effects the entire family. I am so grateful she is speaking up and letting parents know that even if their child seems ok on the outside, they may be suffering on the inside. Tracy reminds us to drop everything and listen without judgment when your child asks for help and to check in our loved ones.

- Rachel Steinman, Dear Family host


Do you know why it impacts people more coming from you than anyone I’ve ever hear talk about this? Because you’re not standing on a platform saying ‘I have all the answers on how to be a great mom. But what I can tell you about is how you can help your children with their mental health. This one thing that happened to me can help other people.  You don’t say ‘I’m super mom’ you say ‘Hey, I can help you be super mom by this part.’

- Big Kev, Laugh4apurpose host

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