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This Is For You truly were the best Dad a girl could hope for...

Updated: Apr 4, 2023

I am so grateful that Kelly Corrigan chose my piece about my Dad for her podcast Thanks For Being Here - I have long admired Kelly's writing (and her podcast and her PBS show) so to hear her read my piece was so incredibly special. My Dad would have loved it - he never minded being the center of things and today he truly was. I hope you'll listen to Kelly Corrigan's podcast each week (she has several and Thanks For Being Here is a bright spot for me each week!), and I really hope you'll listen today to hear about my Dad - the Dad we all deserve and the parent I try to be.

The show notes say it best... ...Today’s submission is introduced in the episode as a eulogy but it’s actually an essay that writer, speaker and advocate Tracy Hargen wrote about her beloved dad Joe, shortly after he died in 2012. Tracy describes her dad as her “cheerleader, biggest fan, bear hugger, tear wiper and supporter of crazy ideas”. He had a big personality that filled every room he walked into and had a memorable, radio-worthy voice that Tracy got to capture and have forever when they did a StoryCorps interview together for NPR. As Tracy says, “May every child have the gift of loving parents who cherish them beyond words and believe in them beyond reason.”

We truly all deserve to know (and give) that kind of love. Here's to a beautiful Sunday - a blue sky and huge puffy clouds - just the way you like it Dad!

Thank you Kelly - such a wonderful birthday gift for my Dad and me! Forever grateful, -Tracy

One of the last times I saw my Dad...

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